Technology Enterprise Development Co., Inc., (TEDCo) is a 20 year old technology development company, headed by Dr. Michael D. Witt, PharmD, JD. Its staff and advisors are experienced in all phases of the medical product development cycle, from early stage inventions through to late stage devices, diagnostics, medicinals and biologics.

Dr. Witt leads the team. He is an experienced medical executive, with deep strategic and technical acumen in the medical product development arena. His latest activity was on behalf of MichBio, the state’s life science trade association, where he served as MichBio's Executive Director, from 2003-2006. 

The Life Science Pipeline below illustrates TEDCo's focus on development, through to marketing and sales. 

Each step of the Life Science Pipeline is critical to making your Michigan based product a commercial success. TEDCo’s team offers the skills, talent, and knowledge to determine the required steps to commercialize your Pharmaceutical, Medical Device or Diagnostic service/product successfully to the Michigan medical marketplace. 

Within each stage of the Life Science Pipeline, TEDCo provides the appropriate services for completing each critical step effectively and efficiently– from Life Science Research to the Regulatory Filings in Product Development and Manufacturing, to the details of the Clinical Trials and what it takes for Field Readiness. Sales into the Medical Marketplace can be tricky without the knowledge and contacts that TEDCo can provide. 

We encourage you to contact us to discuss a preliminary free analysis to help define the steps needed to get your Michigan company through the Life Science Pipeline. Read more about our service offerings – all can be appropriately leveraged throughout all stages of the product/service life cycle. 

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